Omnipod & Dexcom Artificial Pancreas

  Omnipod & Dexcom Artificial Pancreas




Exciting news for users of the the Omnipod Insulin Pump and Dexcom CGM System. It looks like a Tubeless Artifical Pancreas may be on the horizon. Insulet the manufacturers of the Omnipod Tubeless Insulin Pump have just announced a partnership and licence agreement with Mode AGC (Automated Glucose Control LLC)  to develop an advanced artificial pancreas algorithm. The system will use the tubeless Omnipod pump and latest Dexcom technology.


I have to say this news is welcomed in our home. With the race now on for the worlds first artificial pancreas to make it into the pharmaceutical market, there are a number of projects currently underway. The idea of an artificial pancreas is of course appealing to many but my son has always claimed he didn’t want an artificial pancreas because he likes the pump he already has and doesn’t want to change. We use the Omnipod and have just started using the Dexcom G5 system, so we are delighted that there may be an artificial pancreas that utilizes the technology that we are already using.


One of the many battles that parents face with children diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes is getting them to try new technology, it can be very scary for them.