New OmniPod DASH Platform – But No More Built-In Meter

During the company’s inuagral Investor Day on Nov. 16, they revealed some detail about their upcoming “DASH” platform (short for mobile dashboard, at your fingertips).

The tubeless pod will retain the same form factor, but will have Bluetooth Low Energy wireless capability built in to allow for communication with a new color touchscreen PDM. This will also allow for communication with any BT-enabled fingerstick meter, but that means the next-gen OmniPod DASH won’t have a built-in FreeStyle glucose meter like the current Pods have — which may be a big downside for many users who love this combo device.

With this new BT-enabled Pod and PDM, the system will be able to talk with a smartphone app to see features like Insulin on Board (IOB), dosing records, BGs, and CGM data right on the new PDM and smartphone screen.

The new PDM sports an improved food database for logging carbs, and you can manually enter BG and other data using a nifty touchscreen wheel. The new touchscreen will be an Android platform, that’s locked down so other cellular data won’t interfere.

At this time, Insulet is actually not sure whether a PDM will be required at all — or if they’ll be able to allow insulin dosing directly from the smartphone. That’s up to the FDA to decide.

Also, the company is banking on the FDA to soon approve use of CGM for diabetes therapy without the requirement for backup fingerstick tests — which would mean it’s no longer critical for CGM users at least to carry around a traditional meter along with their pump.

“We anticipate the use of CGM/Flash technologies to increase as the ‘adjunctive dosing’ claim becomes a reality for these technologies. Given that, we are working/plan to work closely with Dexcom and Abbott Libre on integrating those readings via mobile app integration or on the PDM, depending on where our Podders want it, and the technical and regulatory requirements,” says Insulet VP of Marketing Chris Gilbert.

“We feel that this will be a big improvement from a usability perspective. In the meantime, we’re focused on providing a single hand held device (i.e. protective case that combines the two) that allows for wireless transfer of BG readings from a meter to the new PDM), as well as making the same BLE communication protocol open to all meters so people can choose their favorite meter as well.”