Insulet’s OmniPod. Business Front.

Insulet’s OmniPod

Business Front: Insulet appears to be doing well on the business side these days. New patient starts were up 20% this past year, while new pediatric patients were up a full 30% over the previous year. So more patients are starting the OmniPod than ever before, it seems. Insulet CEO Pat Sullivan says the company now has a total 85,000 OmniPod users, as of the end of 2015. 

Insulet sold its Neighborhood Diabetes Business (the mail order medical supply company it acquired a few years ago) to Liberty Medical early this month, meaning those OmniPod customers who used Neighborhood Diabetes as a durable medical equipment provider will now be switched to Liberty.


Higher Concentrated-Insulin Pods: Insulet’s excited about its partnership with Eli Lilly for developing OmniPod devices that will have both the concentrated U-200 and U-500insulins inside. They’re queuing up a clinical study the U-500 version now, and already have a third of the required patients signed up. Insulet expects both of these new Pods to be available in the next 2 or 3 years, offering more choice for PWDs who may need more insulin.