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Insulin Pumps

 What They Do: Insulin pumps are devices that deliver insulin without the need for manual injections. They can administer both basal insulin and bolus (mealtime) insulin once users program the needed insulin dosing. Some new Medtronic systems can automatically suspend insulin dosing when glucose levels are low. Many pumps also come with built in bolus-calculators, which can reduce the hassle of manual insulin dose calculations. All pumps require the user to wear something directly on .

Insulet Presents Positive Omnipod® Horizon™ Hybrid Closed-Loop Study Results in Children

Insulet Presents Positive Omnipod® Horizon™ Hybrid Closed-Loop Study Results in Children
Strong results show potential for Horizon to improve clinical outcomes in pediatric and adolescent age groups with type 1 diabetes http://www.forbes.comJune 12, 2017 06:00 AM Eastern Daylight TimeBILLERICA, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Insulet Corporation (NASDAQ:PODD) (Insulet or the Company), the leader in tubeless insulin pump technology with its Omnipod® Insulin Management System (Omnipod System), today announced additional promising data from the first feasibility study of the Omnipod® Horizon™ Automated Glucose Control System (Omnipod Horizon) hybrid closed-loop system. Initial results presented earlier .

Omnipod & Dexcom Artificial Pancreas

  Omnipod & Dexcom Artificial Pancreas




Exciting news for users of the the Omnipod Insulin Pump and Dexcom CGM System. It looks like a Tubeless Artifical Pancreas may be on the horizon. Insulet the manufacturers of the Omnipod Tubeless Insulin Pump have just announced a partnership and licence agreement with Mode AGC (Automated Glucose Control LLC)  to develop an advanced artificial pancreas algorithm. The system will use the tubeless Omnipod pump and latest Dexcom technology.


I have to say this news is welcomed in our home. With the race now on for the worlds first artificial pancreas to make it into the pharmaceutical market, there are a number of projects currently underway. The idea of an artificial pancreas is of course appealing to many but my son has always claimed he didn’t want an artificial pancreas because he likes the pump he already has and doesn’t want to change. We use the Omnipod and have just started using the Dexcom G5 system, so we are delighted that there may be an artificial pancreas that utilizes the technology that we are already using.


One of the many battles that parents face with children diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes is getting them to try new technology, it can be very scary for them. 



OmniPod Updates

Just this week, Insulet announced it had reached the milestone of 100,000 Podders, with a majority of those customers being young children and teens. Insulet’s own research reflects they now command 21% of the insulin pump market in the United States, sandwiched between Medtronic’s whopping 41% and competitors Animas and Tandem, each at 18%. This a big moment for the Boston-area company, which has been around sin
ce 2005 and, amazingly, remains the sole full-featured patch pump company here in the US.



Now, Insulet’s prepping for the launch of its next-generation product, that will bring the OmniPod into the mobile, data-sharing age.


New OmniPod DASH Platform – But No More Built-In Meter

During the company’s inuagral Investor Day on Nov. 16, they revealed some detail about their upcoming “DASH” platform (short for mobile dashboard, at your fingertips).The tubeless pod will retain the same form factor, but will have Bluetooth Low Energy wireless capability built in to allow for communication with a new color touchscreen PDM. This will also allow for communication with any BT-enabled fingerstick meter, but that means the next-gen OmniPod DASH won’t have a .

Insulet Reveals New Next Generation OmniPod Handheld

Twitter Summary: Updated OmniPod handheld brings touchscreen, Bluetooth, connection to Dexcom app. Likely available in 2016. At the 2015 ADA Scientific Sessions, Insulet revealed the prototype of its latest PDM handheld for the tubeless OmniPod insulin pump – a slimmer, color touchscreen display upgrade from its current model. The new PDM is a definite improvement, featuring a roughly 25% larger screen area, a rechargeable battery that lasts for four days, and Bluetooth capabilities to pair .

Insulet’s Omnipod Dash System to Add Touchscreen and Bluetooth

By Ava Runge and Adam BrownExpected in 2017. Plus, the latest in the pipeline, including concentrated insulin systems and the Horizon Automated Glucose Control SystemDuring its first-ever Investor Day, Insulet shared timing and new details on its key products in development. The highlights:“Omnipod Dash” is expected to launch by the end of 2017 and will integrate Bluetooth into the body-worn, tubeless pod, and use a transformed, locked down Android smartphone for functions currently performed .

A New Day for Omnipod Insulin Pump Users

Early in January, Insulet announced that they are providing Glooko for free to the patients and care teams that use the Omnipod. This news is very exciting for our company as it means Glooko will be deployed to Endocrinology offices around the country as the downloading solution for Insulet’s Omnipod Insulin Pump and will be provided to thousands of Omnipod users as their solution to download at home. As a Glooko employee, I am .


Just two pieces. Pod and PDM.The Pod and PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) communicate wirelessly to deliver continuous insulin based on your personal settings—giving you what you ask for, when you ask for it. Just keep the PDM within 5 feet of the Pod to program a bolus. Stay in range, stay in control. Simple enough.A small, lightweight, waterproof* Pod is easy to apply and wear    Built-in 200-unit insulin reservoir, angled infusion set, automated inserter, delivery .

Insulet Launches New Omnipod® Podder™ Community Platform

Omnipod_logo (1)_230x319
BILLERICA, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Insulet Corporation (NASDAQ: PODD) (Insulet or the Company), the leader in tubeless insulin pump technology with its Omnipod® Insulin Management System (Omnipod System), today announced the launch of a new online user community platform. This new platform will increase patient engagement and awareness of Omnipod by empowering Omnipod customers to share their experiences and insights and provide support to the large and growing Podder™ community. The launch of the Podders community platform coincides with Insulet’s .